3rd Year

Today, I embark on the third year of my PhD, and also begin the seventh year of being at Manchester.

For someone who spends almost every day thinking about ways to challenge/question the linear homogeneous time, I find myself (un)surprisingly succumbing to the stress of linear time – I’ve spent two year working on my PhD and I’m left with one year of funding (very generously provided by the University’s President’s Doctoral Scholarship). Suddenly, I have to start thinking about future job prospects and enter the complex world of UK Kafkaesque-visa-bureaucractic-madness-world (made all the more uncertain with the current Brexit climate). I’m also not quite sure that I have enough/adequate words written for my PhD nor do I have enough/adequate ideas to write a PhD. All these anxieties, coupled with the fact that I basically spent the whole morning looking at the Clock Drawing Test administered to people who are suspected to live with dementia (I looked at a lot of hand drawn clocks), I’m going to have to remind myself to slow down a little and be a little pensive.


Running helps.

Eating junk food helps.

Playing video games help.

Reading novels help.

Going to the cinema helps.

Sleeping helps.

Creative writing helps.

Struggling helps.


I feel like I’ve neglected this blog for a very long time. I think I’m going to put in a lot more effort to keep this blog alive. In fact: I am going to make a pledge. I pledge that I will contribute to this blog at least once a week (sometimes about life and films in general and sometimes about the PhD).

And this concludes my return-rambling-non-sequitur blog post.





About maohui

MaoHui Deng is currently a PhD student at the University of Manchester. His research is interested in the ways in which films about dementia can help further and/or complicate our understanding of time in cinema, gerontology and the wider society. His research interests include time and temporality; the representation of age on screen; childhood and cinema; memory; and the films of Federico Fellini. He is the postgraduate rep for the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies. He wants to become a lecturer, hopefully. You can contact Mao at maohui.deng@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk You can follow him on Twitter at @dengmaohui.
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