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On the Passing of Lee Kuan Yew

To mourn is to lose. To celebrate is to gain. To mourn or to celebrate is to move, to move backwards or forwards. We are constantly moving. We crawl, we walk, we jump, we run, we drive, and we fly. … Continue reading

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(The Fear of) Going Home

I have not been home for slightly under a year now but now it is time for me to pack my suitcase up again. And I am afraid. Not afraid because I do not want to see my family. Not … Continue reading

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Good Controversy?: Thoughts on ‘To Singapore, With Love’

Having just watched Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin’s controversial To Singapore, With Love (2013) at the Chinese Visual Arts Festival in London, I still do not understand why it is not allowed to be screened public or distributed (the government … Continue reading

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